Improv as an art form

First and foremost, I see improv as an art form allowing some of the most free expressions of spontaneity. Improv is a method that can be applied through many different mediums: music, dance, theatre, comedy, ... and I am experimenting with all of these.

Improv for business

Improv deals with the process rather than the product. Improvisers train themselves and each other on the important traits of spontaneity, acceptance, listening and confidence. This makes improv a most ideal platform to base team building, public speaking and other corporate training on.

My background

I have been performing on stage since primary school. In secondary school I started with straight acting and paced it up at university. In 2005 I discovered improvisational theatre and have been hooked ever since. In 2012 I turned professional as teacher and performer.

Travelling improviser

I gladly travel for improv. I have taught improv on three continents, was the resident artistic director at a theatre in Dubai and frequent many European improv festivals as a teacher and performer.

Improv one-liners

Since 2015 I redact a blog collecting and annotating quotes from improv teachers around the globe. All the one-liners and their brief discussion can be found at

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The Bookends

The Bookends is an improvised show by two literature lovers.

When Kelly Agathos and Bart Van Loon met in Athens in 2016, they decided to embark on an improv adventure together and start performing together as The Bookends, travelling the international improv scene.

  • Kelly Agathos (actor)
  • Bart Van Loon (actor)

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  • © Thomas Bossuyt
  • © Thomas Bossuyt
  • © Robin Straaijr
  • © Robin Straaijr
  • © Olivier Valiente

Trickle Improv

Trickle Improv is a Belgian theatre duo bringing improvised plays to the stage, usually with an unknown guest performer.

In 2013 I founded Trickle Improv, gathering talented players to perform regularly in Dutch and English at various theatres in Belgium and Europe.

  • Iwein Speelman (actor)
  • Bart Van Loon (actor)
  • Bart Fets (musician)
  • Vincent Ceulemans (musician)

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  • © Gijsbert Vandeweerdt
  • references

Captain Enthusiasm

Captain Enthusiasm helps HR managers develop essential skills in their workforce through events and training rooted into the principles of improvsiational theatre.

In 2013 I founded Captain Enthusiasm to facilitate team building and corporate training in positivity, openness, listening and collaboration.

  • workshops
  • corporate shows
  • individual management coaching

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Courtyard Playhouse

Dubai based Courtyard Playhouse is the leading improv theatre in the Middle East.

From April to June 2016 I was the resident artistic director of this amazing organisation training well over 100 improv workshop participants and hosting 7 shows a week.

My resume at the courtyard:
  • teaching over 10 weekly improv workshops
  • casting and directing regular improv shows
  • producing a kid's theatre show
  • launching new artistic initiatives

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