We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.

Friedrich Nietzsche

After practicing martial arts for a few years, I took my first dance course in 1999. While I was queueing to subscribe for introductory dance classes, I met An Van den Ende. We were both looking for a dance partner and so decided to take up these classes together. Why not, right?

We danced together until 2003 when I left to Norway. In Trondheim I spent a lot of time on the dance floor, which eventually led to my winning a small trophy for rock 'n roll dancing at the Norwegian National Championships in Oslo. I still remember the national anthem of the country which I had to sing standing on the podium. :-)

When back in Belgium, An and I met up again and started to teach swingrock and slow dancing together. More than a decade later, we are both still very active as dance teachers.

In 2011 I founded swingrock.be, a platform to book dance instructors for simple initiations, single workshops, private lessons or complete series in swingrock and slow dancing.